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Our story

StÚphane and Claire




Moya is born on October 16 2008, and is happily growing up in Andalucia.

To show you his happiness, here are some videos of Moya:

Moya on his bike

Moya mushroom hunting

Moya celebrating his second birthday

Finish sanding of the stairs

Turn around and around in the pool

How to eat bananas by Moya

A nice 7.4kg watermelon from the garden makes Moya happy

21 month old and Moya 'swims' around in the pool by himself

Moya wants to strim the finca like his father

20 month old, Moya starts drawing

Moya starts walking on his own at his aunt's Carole wedding, January 2010

Moya swimming with his mother

Moya already gardening

Moya tries walking with joy

Moya playing in his playpen

Moya dancing on the Blue Whale, Steve Waring

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