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PURAW - Raw Fruit Festival

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30 bananas a day

Hi and Welcome to 30 bananas a day! It's great to see so many keen low fat raw vegan lifestylists' and aspiring rawfoodies coming together across the globe! I am excited to see what raw wonders we can create as we unite our passions as 1, the options are endless if we only believe in the goal and have faith in its attainment! I've always desired to be part of a community that is based on truth and integrity. I feel with everyone's help here we have created that community. 30BaD is so different from any other community out there, we are striving like one, not as separate beings. Our unity is what gives us the credibility and power to make lasting positive change. Yes we have challenges in this raw world but how we deal with those challenges is what truly defines us, I really feel here on 30BaD we see these challenges not as problems but as stepping stones to a brighter future, a stronger character and a more unified community. We don't get caught up in the typical victim mentality of modern day society - we look for solutions, not more obstacles. We feel its important that we guard against the temptation to create a vision that is too broad, too encompassing and ultimately a vision that is so generic it eventually stands for nothing. This is why we aim to keep 30BaD one of the least dilute communities within the raw circle. I just feel so fortunate and grateful that 30BaD is filled with so many motivated people who make positive choices, which ultimately lead to so many meaningful and productive actions and fruitful results! .... Lovefreeleexo


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