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PURAW - Raw Fruit Festival

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La Place

BRILLIANT place to eat out... It is right in the center and it is called "La Place" , the UPSTAIRS section of La Place, cause downstairs is take-away... ( they have fruit smoothies... )

It is a PERFECT place to eat with others as they have many many different food styles, all made to order, and all in the same place... each person gets what they want and then they pay for it and then there are many many tables you go and eat at... like a self-service type thing basically but very good quality and anything you could dream of basically....

I was SO happy to have found it because i could eat with others and not feel like a freak and even more importantly, not feel hungry!

On the lfrv options there were about 4 different types of fruit smoothies ( though they added honey to some - just ask ) and also HEAPS of cut up fruit that you could put into a bowl... I had mangoes and persimmons ! wow... really nice... I usually had a banana and orange and kiwi fruit large smoothie plus a large bowl of fruit, all for under 10 euro... very filling...

Buikslotermeerplein 123
Phone: 0900 2358363

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