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PURAW - Raw Fruit Festival

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The Fruitarian

I am a Fruitarian, and I'm very proud of the incredible hard work I put into my athletic endeavors, mainly my running. I'm a Fruitarian and 2:28 marathoner! I measure my wealth by the level of my health! I'm 33 years old, started out with vegetarianism at 16, then moved to vegan about age 25, then off again, on again high fat raw here and there.. then at 31 went 801010 low fat raw, and now 2 1/2 years eating 100% 955, I call my diet Fruitarianism! It's Expensive living in NYC and eating this way, but I love the action of big city living and eating a diet that was created in the jungles of evolution! Food is simple and delicious, just as it was meant to be! Moving forward I want to focus more on mono eating, when I combine foods too much I feel the difference in digestion, mono eating is awesome! I still have a lot to learn, that's why I'm here on 30Bad - checking out other people's experiences and trying to learn from them. Another major dream I have is to move somewhere tropical (1st choice is the Big Island of Hawaii or some place insane exotic and untouched, like the jungles of Sri Lanka). 100% Nature - That is where it's at! I don't like buying my organic produce from every part of the world in boxes. There is so much waste and destruction when I get my grapes from Chile, my tomatoes from Mexico, my red peppers from Israel, my lechee's from Thailand, and my oranges from California...all in the same trip to the market! This is not earth friendly in the slightest! I need to move to a pure natural place where food is plentiful and local! :) Freshly picked food from your back yard tastes 10x's better than organic that's been on a plane or a train for a week!

New York
United States

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