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PURAW - Raw Fruit Festival

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You may have thought that discovering raw food was the answer to all your questions about how to become truly healthy. However, if you've done any reading at all on the subject, you will no doubt have noticed that the raw world is filled with confusing and conflicting information. When there are so many different opinions, philosophies and approaches, it can be difficult to choose a path to follow.

The primary mission of is to provide guidance and support for people wanting to transition to a raw food diet. Although many factors contribute to our level of health, a raw, biologically-appropriate diet holds the most potential for return in terms of health improvement and recovery from disease. However, it can also present us with the greatest challenges because it requires us to make major changes to our physical, mental, emotional and social habits.

There are strategies that can be employed to deal with these challenges. People ARE successfully implementing the principles of optimal health into their everyday lifestyles. But we might as well face the unfortunate reality: they are extremely rare. We

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