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PURAW - Raw Fruit Festival

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The Date People

We farm 8 acres of dates in the Southern California Desert, and are committed to providing the highest quality raw dates at affordable prices. Our fruit is never heated, frozen, or altered from its natural state in any way. We are a raw vegan community supplier.

When I first began picking fruit for a living, I never dreamed I would actually own and operate a farm myself, but through persistent hard work, a love for what I was doing, and a little luck, within just a few years, this somehow came to be, almost on its own. Around the turn of the new millennium, when the raw-vegan diet began to grow in popularity, we began selling the majority of our crop directly to the raw food community via mail order.

PO Box 808
Niland, 92257
United States
Téléphone: 760-359-3211

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